Steven Kozicki

The Law Offices of Steven A. Kozicki is a firm in Park Ridge, Illinois which specializes in Criminal and Civil litigation, as well as Immigration and Naturalization proceedings. Founded by Steven A. Kozicki in 1998, the firm specializes in criminal and civil trial practice in both the Illinois State courts and the Federal courts throughout the United States, as well as Administrative Hearings before the Illinois Secretary of State and the Department of Homeland Security. The firm specializes in these matters to the exclusion of all others, choosing to concentrate in these areas to maintain a level of excellence not possible in a general practice.

The practice is also equipped to handle cases for Polish speaking clients who are not comfortable discussing important legal issues in the English language. Mr. Kozicki’s staff speaks Polish and English fluently, and Mr. Kozicki also speaks Polish.

What People Are Saying

Top Attorney Criminal Defense-Avvo-Steven Kozicki “Mr. Kozicki is, in my opinion, THE BEST criminal defense attorney in the State of Illinois, and his vast knowledge of the laws of the State of Illinois will be a true benefit to anyone who should need to retain his services.” –Greg

“Steven Andrew Kozicki provided me with an exceptional service that allowed me to trust and believe that he genuinely wanted to help me.” –Albin